16.2 million

children struggle wth hunger

The Provision Pack Program was founded to provide nutritional assistance to low income families.

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Welcome to Provision Packs. First and foremost, thank you for your interest in our mission. Provision Packs is a community-based mission where 100% of our contributions goes towards our efforts to close the gap on childhood hunger.  We provide well rounded supplemental food for children on the weekends, and extended breaks during the school year. Not only will your generosity provide value and empowerment to each child in our program, but your support offers peace of mind to struggling parents, grandparents and other care givers who are forced to choose between rent and utilities or food. Childhood hunger feels big, but together we can fight it…one pack at a time. Please sign up for our emails to receive more information on how you can too can “join the pack” and be the change.


Thank you,

Carrie Torres

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T: (386) 295-9823

E: carrie.provisionpacks@gmail.com

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